Webinar – The Future Wealth Fund – June 2023

2022 wasn’t the time to allocate – but the tide is turning so don’t miss the boat.

Interested in allocating to ‘The Future’? – The Future Wealth Fund could be the solution.

The fund gives exposure to the key sectors that will shape our World for the next 20 years – Digital Industry, Healthcare Innovation, New Energy and Transportation and Online Life. It does this through a curated portfolio of thematic ETFs and carefully selected Sector Champions.

The Fund is managed by Tom McGrath and Andy Merricks – two of the most experienced managers in the area with over 60 years’ experience between them.

Structured as a UK-domiciled UCITS fund, the fund is available across all major platforms in the UK and internationally.

Established 18 months ago, the fund has delivered performance in line with its mandate and now we are seeing the beginnings of a recovery in the sectors focused on, we’re keen investors don’t miss out on returns which can arrive very quickly.

The Future Wealth Fund delivers the exciting growth opportunities that will drive investment growth and is accessible to every investment portfolio.

The Future starts today!