New Fund Launch: IDAD Refined Growth Fund

The Refined Growth Fund builds on the benefits of using structured product solutions to deliver more reliable and consistent returns for portfolio managers allocating assets to “Alternatives”. By leveraging IDAD’s extensive relationships, the fund is able to enhance returns by diversifying counterparty credit risk with up to 30 investment-grade issuers. Introducing traditional management skills and experience adds further value and contributes significantly to returns.

The Refined Growth Fund delivers all the benefits of using structured product pay-offs within a diversified portfolio, and offers a number of enhancements to improve the nature and quantum of returns to investors:

The multi-counterparty structure delivers a ‘funding’ pick-up through exposure to a diversified selection of investment grade financial institutions

The addition of more tactical investments as well as a ‘future-proofing’ element can smooth as well as enhance returns.

The fund is led by a fund manager with a 25-year track record across multiple sectors and asset classes, complementing the structured product expertise within IDAD.

The managers have a 5yr+ track record running a fund incorporating these refinements, successfully meeting the investment and performance objectives. This period has encompassed a variety of market scenarios, which gives us the confidence to offer the strategy more widely to professional investors.

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