A platform-based Model Portfolio Service (MPS) focused on generating the best client and adviser outcomes possible – a premium level service designed to deliver consistent outperformance at an attractive price point.

Our aim is to manage risk constrained Model Portfolios on behalf of financial advisers and other intermediaries, to create the best possible outcomes for them and their clients. These investment solutions are designed to be offered via your ongoing advisory agency, acting as an agent to determine suitability for your client. In this way, you retain complete ownership of the client, with no contact from us – unless specifically requested.

Our models are available on a wide selection of platforms (UK) and selected platforms internationally, so please contact us to check on availability.


About Our Investment Process 

The objective of the TAG investment process is to deliver efficient, risk graded diversified portfolios with a focus on alpha generation (outperformance) at the heart of the investment management process.

We follow a rigorous and robust investment process which offers our advisers a clear and defined framework. The process is easily understood and it is simple to explain how added value is delivered at each stage of our portfolio management strategy.

We achieve a premium service for our advisers via a combination of:

  • Quantitative and unbiased analysis for equity fund selection
  • Straightforward strategic asset allocations
  • Rapid and unrestricted deployment of tactical allocations
  • Focus on investor value at all levels of portfolio management
  • Completely independent portfolio risk management
  • Clear and unambiguous reporting

Key Features:

  • Five risk-rated portfolios
  • Portfolios risk profiled by Dynamic Planner.
  • Great value management fee structure at 0.20%.
  • Total fees (including underlying fund OCF) of circa 0.52% pa to 0.85%
  • Compliant, clean and rapid reporting
  • Clearly defined and quantifiable rationale for all portfolio alterations

Additional Benefits:

  • Focus on portfolio OCF – active funds used when quantifiably adding value
  • Designed with the adviser and underlying client in mind
  • Experienced investment team with over 30 years’ experience
  • A premium service for a fair fee structure

Tactical – Alpha – Generation

For more information contact the IDAD Team.