Future Wealth Fund

A UCITS fund which grants access, via a single exposure in your portfolio, to a vast world of trends and technologies that shape our lives both today and for years to come.

The Fund offers a diversified exposure to industries and sectors that form part of fundamental shifts in the way that we work, rest and play as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

We have currently identified four key building blocks of the new world;

Healthcare Innovation
Digital Industry
New Energy
Online Life

Within the building blocks we invest in more focused underlying themes including:

  • Cloud Technology
  • Automation and Robotic
  • Renewable Energy
  • Battery Technology and EV’s
  • Connectivity infrastructure
  • Telemedicine
  • E-commerce

Over the past decade, a huge number of indices and ETFs have appeared that enable an investor to gain access to a broad spread of equity, but with a very specific thematic overlay. The aim of the Future Wealth Fund is to allow our investors access to a multitude of exciting themes taking care to avoid temporary fads in a single fund – all whilst leveraging our team’s expertise to create a continually optimised environment for growth.

We constantly seek out exciting new themes and ideas – but also strive to ensure we are accessing these ideas in the most efficient way for our investors. Rather than attempt to predict which individual businesses within a rapidly evolving sector are likely to thrive – we focus our energy on ensuring our investors have access to the winners by investing in the whole sector at once.

This approach will ensure we capture the leaders of the future and provide investors with easy access to the growth of exciting industries and ideas that will shape tomorrow.

We manage the portfolio via systematic analysis by monitoring; the overall “top down” exposures, the replication methodology of the ETF managers, the overall cost and liquidity of our positions, as well as our underlying cumulative exposures to specific equities. Innovation rather than geography drives our investment decisions.

Overweight the Future, Underweight the Past

For more information on how to invest please contact us at info@idadfunds.com


Tom McGrath

Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager

Andy Merricks

Portfolio Manager