About IDAD


IDAD Group was established in 2002 and delivers high-performing structured investment solutions to wealth managers around the world.

Since 2014, we have worked closely with our UK asset manager partner on a range of funds that provide investment opportunities to suit investor needs across the risk spectrum.

As well as offering a range of specialist and thematic funds, IDAD Funds also offers a selection of risk rated model portfolios .


As a business built on structuring products for our investors with clear risk and reward frameworks, we like to use the same themes and focus within our investment fund and managed portfolio ranges.

Our focus is always on producing the best potential value for our investors with an emphasis on clear reporting and robust risk controls.

The investment offering covers a wide variety of objectives and roles within the investment landscape, with some suitable as specific strategic implementation within portfolios and some as multi-asset managed solutions in their own right. No matter what product you choose, all of them come with the reassurance of knowing that IDAD Funds is focused on our investors first – something that we refer to as The IDAD Difference.


Clive Moore

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Tom McGrath

Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager

Andy Merricks

Portfolio Manager

Christopher Hughes

Head of Structured Solutions & Portfolio Manager

Ash Weston

Portfolio Strategist

Ben Board

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Terry Dixon

International Sales Director

Thom Gascoigne

Head of UK Distribution

Andy Gibson

UK Sales Manager

Rainer Baker

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Shirley

Operations Manager

Neil Browner

Head of Fund Solutions

Laurie Kerr

UK Sales Manager

George Burnett

Business Development Manager and Operations Specialist

Nikolai Gibbins

Operations Support

Andy McKay

Business Development Director

Bevan Goulden

Institutional Solutions

Steve White

UK Sales Manager

Alicia Sims

Marketing Manager